Beginning Medical School in January 2013!

The Jackie Witham Medical School Fundraiser

Hello Family and Friends!


Hello to all of the wonderful people who helped me to go to medical school!

I know you are all eager to hear how I am doing, and I’m equally excited to share!! The demands of medical school are crazy and for the first semester, I was LITERALLY studying/at school every waking hour,,,Friday evening was my only “free time” that I took! Now that I have gotten into the swing of things and have learned how to manage the work, I have a bit more time to take a breather! My hope is that during the second semester, I will have more time to pop on facebook and my website in order to stay connected with you all.


In short, I’m doing excellent!! The program is everything that I could hope for and more. First semester was an absolute whirlwind experience leaving me exhausted, while at the same time in utter awe of how much I have learned in just four months! The program is very tough and I’ve had to set a new bar for myself to keep up. But yes, I’ve met it all with high success


I think about you guys all the time, what you did for me, and what it means for me to be here doing what I believe is my calling in life. I don’t think I will ever be able to think upon the gift and blessing that I received from all of you without elation and humility–I’m truly blessed. Thank you all, from the very bottom of my heart.


I’ve been working on a letter that I am going to post on my website that explains my experience here in more detail and describes the program, etc. I will notify you when that is finished.


I hope this message finds each of you doing very well and enjoying the spring time! You come from Australia to the West Coast, to Florida, and of course, good ‘ol NH—wow!


A big hug to all of you!


Warmest regards,




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